“The promise we make to our guests, the offer of escape, means we don’t build boring,
we don’t deliver the usual, and we won’t be ordinary.
This is our promise and our commitment — it is at the heart of who we are.”  Tom Drumheller, CEO

Our Vision 

Our late Co-Founder and CEO, Tom Drumheller, possessed rare understanding of the promise of true escape. His vision created a family of inns, lodges, townhomes and restaurants that provide connection to community and place, a rare and real commitment to character and timelessness, and opportunity for a vibrant and dedicated employee culture. In Tom’s passing in 2017, we found renewed devotion to his vision – our continued success is in his honor.

We have created something very, very special with Escape Lodging and exercise careful consideration in our growth, focusing on opportunities that allow our culture to flourish without compromising our values. Our growth remains slow and steady, and we all know who wins that race.

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