Tom Drumheller, CEO


Tom Drumheller CEO in absentia 

Along with business partner Patrick Nofield, Tom Drumheller set in motion the practices and philosophies that continue to guide and inform the direction of Escape Lodging Company – the business they created together – on a daily basis. This is why he will remain our CEO, in absentia.

After a very brief illness, Tom passed away in 2017, yet his influence is unmistakably present today and our culture is infused with the values, integrity, and endless good humor that he instilled with unfailing consistency.

Though most of Drumheller’s day-to-day responsibilities have been absorbed by Nofield, others are now being maintained, developed, and grown by many of Tom’s own proteges, mentored for years within our company. Recognizing the intangible was a strong suit of Tom’s, especially when it came to fostering relationships and developing key employees. It was a talent for which we are forever grateful, as the potential he mentored made possible the necessary transitions after his passing.

His presence, wit, wisdom, humility, and grace are missed by the team of Escape Lodging each and every day, but his legacy remains. He prepared us well to understand his vision and his passion for serving others, so that we might represent him and maintain and grow what he put into motion. Escape Lodging’s continued success is in his honor.

Tom is survived by wife Christy, daughter Britney, and daughter and son-in-law Brook and Cory Burnett, and his two treasured grandsons Ethan and Kael. The Drumheller family will forever be part of the Escape Lodging family.