Our Services

As a development and management company, we select sites, develop, design, construct and operate the lodges and restaurants we own or manage. On a fee basis, we manage select properties where we feel a cultural fit with the owners and the project. Our services vary, including but not limited to insurance, human resources, accounting, training, staffing, contract negotiations, marketing and financial reporting.  If you would like to discuss our services more specifically, please reach out.

Crafting & Developing Hospitality Service Staff

Perhaps a lost art, the attraction and retention of long-term hospitality professionals is central to our recipe for success. This is an enormous point of pride for Escape Lodging as turnover is endemic in our industry. Expertise in every aspect of hotel and restaurant management is valued, developed, and fostered. A sincere desire to serve and a devotion to our core values and company ethos remain the key characteristic for employment with Escape Lodging.

Form Follows Function, with Timeless, Tasteful, Sensitive Design

We aim to create properties that are not just aesthetically stunning, but also support the function of behind-the-scenes hospitality.  The sturdier fundamentals required of quickly moving kitchens, bustling front offices, and dynamic housekeeping departments are coupled seamlessly with timeless architecture, unique and bespoke character, inviting guest rooms, and a strong sense of place — supporting our promise of escape and all those who work hard to provide it. 

Meet The Team