Form Follows Function

We have strong, long-term relationships with a short list of highly regarded architects that meet our stringent criteria and understand our ELC signature. The design of our inns are not just aesthetically stunning, but structurally support the business of hospitality behind the scenes.  The design is holistic, and understands the less sexy functionality of lodging properties. In this way, we are able to gracefully support the guests sense of escapism without the reality of laundry carts and a parade of vacuum cleaners.

Timeless, Tasteful, Sensitive Design

Our aim is to create lodging properties that appear graceful and timeless, eschewing vogue trends that age poorly. We strive for authenticity from the inception of the buildings’ aesthetic, to the small details relating to FF&E. Escape Lodging looks for opportunities to employ adaptive reuse where ever and whenever possible. An intangible kind of magic occurs when you can successfully mingle the existing, which imbues the project with the sense of place, with the elements and details that support our guest’s private definition for Escape.