Core Values

Escape Lodging Purpose Statement:

“Hospitality with Courage and Character”

We have the courage to live by our values of family, fun, relationship, heart and passion. With courage and character as our guide, we deliver uncommon hospitality for our employees, guests, partners and community.

Family: Work as a team. Confront weaknesses, build strength and cultivate and nurture an honest, supportive environment.

Fun: Have fun. Keep a light heart, find and foster joy. Take the right things seriously.

Relationship: Establish meaningful connections with Guests, employees, partners, and community. Look for opportunities to be inclusive, find and cultivate common ground and sincerity with each other.

Heart: Love and care for others. Recognize what we say and do matters; empower yourself and your team to care.

Passion: Be authentic and sincere. Speak and act with purpose, enthusiasm and devotion to the wellbeing of your team, environment, community, and the experience you’re offering your guests.