“The promise we make to our guests, the offer of escape, means we don’t build boring,
we don’t deliver the usual, and we won’t be ordinary.
This is our promise and our commitment — it is at the heart of who we are.”  Tom Drumheller, CEO


Our business, our passion, and our expertise are Hospitality. We develop, manage and restore small to medium size hotels, inns, lodges, townhome developments, restaurants and clubs on our home turf – the great Pacific Northwest. And, we do it with a sense of whimsy and fun that our guests have come to expect and appreciate.

We measure ourselves successful when we have exceeded the expectations of our guests, our investors and our employees. We hold integrity and fairness to be at the core of our passion for delivering excellence in hospitality.

Escape Lodging promises Escape and that’s what we deliver.  The rarity of a product that delivers on its promise, is what has created and maintains the excitement around our inns and restaurants.  This is not a casual brag, we hope you will come visit us and see if you don’t agree.

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