We recognize that a great hospitality industry reputation has two facets. The first attracts our customers to our inns and restaurants, the other equally important reputation is within our own industry. Attracting and retaining talented, true hospitality professionals is essential to our success. The cutting-edge notion of offering key, long-term staff the opportunity to participate in ownership is novel.  Additionally bonuses based upon performance and a unique set of incentives that include a combination of seasonal pay increases, end of summer bonuses, holiday pay, complimentary hotel stays and referral bonuses has created our reputation in which hard work and dedication are honored and rewarded by this company.


Debbie Calhoun

Human Resources

Nikkie Schaeffer

Accounting Assistant

Misty Kawasoe

Marketing  & Projects Manager

Kevin Dimond

Regional Escape Leader

Coral Sadler

Accounting Assistant

Shaun Wagner

Escape Specialist

Angel Pedraza

Office Assistant

BJ Quicke

Facilities Asset Manager


Alyson Short

Social Outreach

Alyson Breathed

Marketing Maven

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Agency of Record and Renown